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Husqvarna Motorcycles is a BMW Group company producing world class Enduro, Supermoto and Motocross (MX) motorbikes from a state of the art factory in Varese, Northern Italy. Winners of multiple World Championships, Husqvarna offers a range of competition orientated machines from 125cc through to 600cc as well as 125cc ´learner legal´ street and trail bikes.

SMS4 125 - 2011 model
Single cylinder ~ 4 Stroke ~ 124.45cc ~ Liquid cooled V4 single cylinder.
Powered by a 125cc four valve, four stroke engine, the SMS4 gives the learner rider smooth controllable power and the convenience of electric start. Easily mistaken for a much bigger bike, the SMS4 125 uses brand name components including Brembo brakes to provide a high spec chassis to compliment the torquey liquid cooled powerplant.

SM 125S - 2010 model

Single cylinder ~ 2 Stroke ~ 124.82cc ~ Liquid cooled single cylinder with exhaust powervalve.

It is the starting point for those who want to experience the thrills of off-roading but who also want a bike that is perfectly suited to everyday use. Easy to ride, light and manoeuvrable, the 2010 version of the SM 125 has everything it takes to become leader in its class. There are two colour schemes available. The red and white colour scheme that graces all off-road models is now enhanced by the addition of body panels with “In–Mould Decoration” graphics. The black and white version also replicates race bike colours.

The white frame and black anodised wheels make the two-stroke look more like the bigger four-stroke version. The highly successful 125 engine has seen improvements “borrowed” from racing models and has been tuned to improve pick-up and offer more output in the low to mid range power band. The SM 125 features integrated ECS (Electronic Carburetion System) that administers exactly the right amount of fuel (both the air/petrol and oil mix) and that was developed in collaboration with Dell’Orto.

The control unit also governs the ignition system. While keeping costs under control and sales prices competitive, this brings the two-stroke 125 engine to Euro 3 standards yet keeps all the advantages that two-stroke engines offer: lightness, performance and low running costs. As regards suspension, the SM 125 now has specially designed PaioIi forks to enhance the performance characteristics of the model and match the shock absorber. The new digital instrumentation displays speed, time, mileage, rpm and has a trip-meter as well as the normal warning lights (indicators, full beam, dipped beam, service due etc.).

SMR511 - 2011 model

Single cylinder ~ 4 Stroke ~ 501cc ~ Liquid cooled, twin cam, 4 valve.

Husqvarna engineers concentrated on the frame to make both models even lighter and easier to handle. To achieve this, the frame is of a completely new design with new levels of rigidity and settings for dealing with power that optimise handling and give the rider a much better feel for the bike. The frame is also one kilo lighter than before. All the new body panels have IPD (in–mould plastic decoration) graphics and are made of stronger, more flexible plastic.

The front and rear lights are more powerful. The rear cluster houses LED lights and an integrated dual purpose number plate holder that can carry either a homologation or a racing number without the owner having to buy additional parts. The front mudguard is also new. The new look of the bike is both eye-catching and different. Still on the subject of looks, the wheels are black anodised Excel rims and the new plastic engine protectors on both sides are also black. The newly designed side stand is made of aluminium. All the 2010 Husqvarna twin-cam engines now feature new radiator hoses and more powerful water pumps so as to improve cooling and performance.

The engine has a new over-pressure valve in the oil circuit, a new needle cage lubrication bearing and a new oil filter. The exhaust valves are made of steel to ensure longer life and reliability. The gearbox has been renewed to offer improved gear change speed and accuracy. Gearbox design has seen changes in terms of: gear change linkage, lever and selector mechanisms. The 450 and 510 engines have also benefited from a new timing gear chain tensioner that was introduced to improve chain tension and reduce contact pressure. The exhaust system has twin aluminium silencers that create a very special sound, reduce overall noise levels and improve performance.

SMR 630 - 2011 model

Single cylinder ~ 4 Stroke ~ 600.1cc ~ Liquid cooled, twin cam, 4 valve.

The SMR 630 was inspired by the design of the 610, but completely renewed in terms of handling and performance.

The bodywork is all new, giving the bike a more streamlined and aggressive look. The seat, fuel tank, side panels, air ducts and mudguards at the front and rear all have a new design. The seat has new dual density padding to ensure greater comfort for rider and passenger even on longer routes.

The passenger also has two convenient grab handles anchored to the rear sub-frame for a safer, more comfortable ride.The new headlamp design offers greater lighting performance and is integrated into the headlight shield which in turn integrates with the “racing” front mudguard. The frame and swing arm have new black paint that compliments with either of the two new colour schemes: white and aluminium or white and black.

The bodywork on the elegant white and aluminium version benefits from the 'in mould design' process meaning all logos are moulded into the plastic during production for greater durability. On the more aggressive, sporty black and white version, the entire body is painted.The design of the rear mudguard is also new, with a LED taillight and a new licence plate holder incorporated in the mudguard.But the most innovative feature of the new SMR 630 is its 600 cc engine with bore increased from 98 mm to 100 mm.

The DOHC head with a red painted cover is inherited from the Husqvarna 450/510 competition bikes and this permits a 20% increase in power over the earlier 576 ccversion.The SMR 630 has an electronic fuel injection system developed in collaboration with Mikuni. The engine features a 45 mm throttle body with the fast idle control on the handlebars and there is a 300 Kpa Mitsubishi "twin jet" fuel injector fitted to the throttle body. The pressure regulator (3 Bar) regulates any return of excess fuel to the tank and the MAQS (Modularised Air Quantity Sensor) consists of air temperature, air pressure and TPS (Throttle Position) sensors.

The Kokusan 360W three-phase ignition flywheel is also new.The water temperature sensor is on the cylinder head: the injection system control unit processes the signal from the sensor and operates the cooling fan on the right water radiator accordingly. The bike has a completely new cooling system with a new impeller, pump body and thermostat.The clutch now has hydraulic control and the left engine casing has been redesigned.New components include a petrol tank with a 40l/h pump and a capacity of 12 l; the non-returnfuel circuit has quick-fit connections for ease of removal.

The exhaust system on the four-stroke single cylinder engine has a "closed loop" lambda probe and twin aluminium exhaust silencers. The catalyser has been redesigned and optimised to meet Euro 3 requirements. The silencers are covered with stainless steel guards in the catalyser and passenger foot peg areas.The front brake is a new Brembo radial calliper with racing origins, operating on a 320 mm floating disc, while the rear brakes have a 220 mm disc with a Brembo single piston calliper.

The suspension system consists of 45mm Marzocchi adjustable forks mated with a Sachs rearshock absorber. The Marzocchi forks are anodised black to match the Husqvarna competitionrange.The 2011 version of the SMR 630 will have Magura tapered handlebars with new steering headclamps and no cross bar.

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